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Our mission

A multi-skilled team providing an exceptional and personalised experience, delivering a superior level of dentistry in a caring manner that leaves you informed, confident and smiling with a healthier mouth.

Our vision

A consistent, personalised, tailored dental experience each and every time.  Provided by a team that you and your- loved ones trust, resulting in a long lasting, beautiful natural smile.

Our training

Our clinical team are experienced general dentists with an advanced interest in different fields such as implants, orthodontics, worn teeth, gum disease, safe mercury removal and cosmetic dentistry.
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By understanding how your specific problem relates  to your overall dental health you will benefit from a more proactive and holistic approach to your dental care.

Our technology

From 3D scanners which generate detailed coloured virtual models of your teeth to the latest low radiation 3D machine which can produce lifelike models of your jaw. From lasers which can treat a myriad of problems to latestto keep you safe we have all the best gadgets to help you achieve that beautiful healthy smile.
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Ready for a new type of dental care?

Ready for a new type of dental care?

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