Stain removal

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is the new and modern way to care for your Oral Health. It’s minimally invasive delivering superior results for both children and adults in under 30 minutes.

Is this the right treatment for you?

The best treatment for a healthy stain-free smile.

GBT is the new gold standard, to help you keep your teeth for longer. It is used to gently eliminate biofilm (bacteria) found on teeth, implants, appliances and soft tissues. In doing so GBT saves teeth, implants and much more.

By combining specialist powder and warm water GBT provides you with the most comfortable hygiene experience available and fast visible results .

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As well as being used in the prevention and treatment of gum disease, GBT will brighten your smile again by removing residual staining and calculus whilst being treated in optimal comfort.

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Our highly qualified Hygiene Therapist is GBT certified. By offering the latest, comfort techniques and technology you benefit from a long lasting smile.

Sophie McInnes

Hygienist Therapist

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Trainee Nurse

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The procedure
  • Assess - Your oral health is assessed by looking at your teeth, gums, restorations and soft tissues and is discussed with you.
  • Disclose - The biofilm is highlighted by your clinician using disclosure sponges. This will allow you to see problematic areas to improve and guide biofilm removal. Once biofilm is removed calculus can be seen and removed easier.
  • Motivate - By showing you problematic areas oral hygiene advice tailored to you can be given to improve your oral health.
  • Airflow - Warm water and 14μm powder is used to remove the highlighted biofilm on natural teeth, restorations, implants, appliances and soft tissues.
  • Perioflow - If indicated warm water and 14μm powder will be used in deep pockets of up to 9mm.
  • Piezon Scaler - This fine tip, minimally invasive scaler is used with warm water to remove hard calculus deposits.
  • Check - A final check is carried out and oral hygiene aids advised are given away with you.
  • Recall - Based on your individual needs your clinician will advise recall appointments and make these with you. Tailored care for your specific requirements.

Before and after

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What our clients say

Great dentist and great experience. Following my recent dental check I had to get some minor work done. Allan Matthews made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything fully and I felt at home and in safe hands.  It was clear that Allan truly cares about his patients. My treatment was carried out to a very high standard and I am delighted with the result. Always excellent service and friendly staff throughout the practice.

Neeraj and his team have been looking after the family and me for 24 years - and while the younger members of the family have now moved to another country they still come to the practice for their dental care. Very caring and careful and proactive in what they do. And they don't rush to an inappropriate conclusion but take time to assess difficult situations - "judicious inactivity". This is important when you only get one shot at something. We trust the practice.

I was visiting  from the US and broke a tooth.I was given Integrated Dentalcare as a referral from my travel insurance company. I saw Christine Morrell, the dentist,  and was very pleased with the service they provided. They saw me the same morning I called and were very professional and friendly. The receptionist was very cordial and welcoming. I would highly recommend this office for any dental needs you might have while in Edinburgh.

People at Integrated Dentalcare were extremely kind and professional. They solved a dental problem I carried on for several years and it was an (almost) painless process.They dealt with my "dentistphobia" and were very understanding.  It is unbelievable how much my quality of life has improved since my first visit a couple of months ago. Been picky, the only thing I don´t like is the warning in the receipts about charging you if you need to cancel at the last minute. Other than that, 10 points out of 10.

Delighted with the friendly and professional treatment I have received.  I can't thank my dentist  Christine enough for the time she has spent on my teeth.  Every stage of treatment explained fully with great understanding of what patient hopes end result will look like. You can tell Christine takes great pride in her work.  Well done!

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Your questions answered

Can it be used in children?

Yes. This treatment is appropriate for children and adults after a medical history is checked.

Can this be used to treat gum disease?

Yes. This is the gold standard hygiene treatment for early and advanced gum disease.

Do you polish after with paste?

No. The powder is the polish. It helps remove staining and is much less abrasive than a conventional polish.

What are the benefits of the powder?

The components in the powder polish the teeth and change the DNA/RNA of bacteria. This means pathological and damaging bacteria cannot reproduce so your mouth is as clean as possible.

Can you taste the powder?

No. The particles in the powder are extremely fine and mixed with warm water.

What temperature is the water?

The temperature of the water is 40 degrees and extremely comfortable. It can be adjusted to your preference.

What is the benefit of using warm water?

Using water makes treatment much more comfortable and can be used safely for those who suffer from sensitivity.

Do you need to use hand instruments?

In most cases no.

Is it a one time treatment?

No. It is the gold standard hygiene treatment that would be used at all your appointments.

Is it painful?

No. GBT is the most comfortable hygiene treatment available due to warm water and fine instruments.

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