Teeth Straightening

Tooth straightening makes your smile more attractive; facilitates easier cleaning resulting in longevity of teeth and restorations by making the bite more stable.

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Straighter teeth. Stable bite. Attractive Smile.

Controlled improvements to your smile which  are delivered with either clear aligners or ceramic wire braces (which can also be discreetly hidden behind your teeth.

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Once the teeth are straight you may want to whiten your teeth. The last step in a beautiful smile: altering the shape or size of certain teeth to create an even more attractive shape.

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With careful planning we straighten your teeth using the most advanced minimally invasive techniques, delivered at your pace with minimal visits to the practice.

Allan Matthews

General Dentist with Special Interest in Teeth Straightening

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Patricia Farrell

Senior Nurse

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The procedure
  • First appointment: Information gathering. Assessment, 3D scanning, photos and x-rays to assess your dentition to allow determination of options.
  • Second stage: Report back to you on relevant information from the diagnostic stage and suggest treatment option(s) and expected timeline and investment.
  • Treatment stages: Carry out any initial restorative work and pre-shaping of teeth to allow movement and fit aligners. Following this assessment and moving to the next aligner, usually every 2-4 weeks.
  • Optional: Often a whitening stage is offered with this treatment
  • Restorative phase: Once aligned, the option of minor tweaks or sculpting to individual teeth to enhance the smile still further.
  • Retention and maintenance: Fit retainers and thorough instruction with ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

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What our clients say

Many thanks to Dr Allan Matthews for a super job on a sticky out tooth that looked like I was missing a tooth when I smiled. I'm super pleased with my new smile. No gap and my tooth looks like it was always meant to be there

Peter Matthews

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Your questions answered

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Can all treatments be done in-house?

Your orthodontic treatment will be provided by clinicians under additional specialist support to ensure that every step is carried out carefully with a specific goal in mind. Should the case be more complex and require to be carried out by a specialist it will be referred appropriately with a full report to support the case. Our goal is the best result for you based on a full assessment and listening carefully to your wants and needs.

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What options of braces are available?

Invisalign, Inman aligners, Six month smiles, clear aligners, or C-Fast are different concepts used to straighten teeth. Whilst these can address most issues more complex problems may still need wire. These can be metal coloured or even ceramic bracket and wire systems or even braces which are hidden behind the front teeth such as Incognito lingual braces. The more complex problems may need the assistance of a specialist orthodontist. Most of these treatments can be enhanced by virtual monitoring systems.

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What is better veneers or teeth straightening?

In the past dentists may have used crowns or veneers on front teeth to achieve a straighter appearance however this involves removing healthy tooth structure and commits you to needing these replaced over time. If your own tooth can be improved and maintained as long as possible this is far superior. Moving teeth is often much quicker and easier than you may expect!

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Will I have to visit the practice often?

We work with AI technology which tracks your tooth movements from the comfort of your personal space. This results in less time taken out of your day to visit us. Instead we connect with you at a time that is convenient to you.

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How do I eat?

In order to achieve the desired tooth movement, you must wear the aligners for 22-23 hours a day. You therefore remove the aligners to eat or drink. You can pop them in your carry case for safe keeping while you eat. It is a good idea to rinse your mouth or brush before putting them back in again.

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I feel like I’m not seeing any changes?

It’s important we monitor the tooth movement as they need space to move. For this purpose we provide a scan box and retractors with every aligner case where you use your own phone to scan your teeth which allows us to track your case from the comfort of your own home and bring you into the clinic if we need to make any adjustments.

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I’m concerned I won’t be able to speak with aligners in, is this the case?

Aligners are very discreet and it’s highly unlikely anyone would see anything different while you are wearing them. As for speech, it takes a short period to adapt to wearing an aligner as your tongue needs to learn the right positions to articulate fully but this happens very quickly with a little practice and the feedback we receive is that it’s not been an issue.

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I just want my broken tooth fixed, why do I need aligners first?

Often teeth break because of the way they interact, and to repair something without addressing this will only mean a break will happen again within a short period. We are dedicated to providing high quality, long lasting results.

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What if I have an event coming up and don’t have time to have aligner treatment?

It may be worth postponing the aligner treatment until after the event, and perhaps having the whitening stage first to have a positive improvement and confidence boost. We cannot rush tooth movement.

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Teeth Straightening in Edinburgh

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