Comprehensive Examinations

A sit down meeting to explore your desires and needs followed by a detailed fifteen-point risk assessment based examination.

Is this the right treatment for you?

Dental Health Check,  personalised to your needs.

A comprehensive consultation with sufficient time to ask questions. Tailored to your needs, we can forecast issues that may need to be addressed in the future and  guide you  on how long we can continue to monitor before we should ideally intervene. This will potentially minimise your need for extensive dental care in the future.

Good to know

By the end of this appointment, you will have sufficient information to decide what should be monitored and what needs attention sooner, based on your risk profile.

You're in good hands

We follow a proactive approach to your care by providing timely advice rather than waiting for catastrophic issues to develop which can be upsetting, inconvenient and costly to address.

Neeraj Puri

General Dentist with Special interest in Implant Dentistry

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Patricia Farrell

Senior Nurse

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Sara Orlova

Trainee Nurse

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The procedure
  • A comfortable appointment for you to ask questions and discuss your desires and needs in a plush sitting room.
  • An in depth clinical examination using high magnification to see minute detail together with the latest technology to show you what we see.
  • If simple requirements, we will discuss possible options with a potential plan.
  • If a longer plan we would invite you for a complementary discussion appointment so that you can ask further questions to help you reach a decision.
  • If complex issues we may suggest further investigations.
  • We will discuss all the options available including monitoring. Our experience in the latest dental techniques means you benefit from more bespoke solutions which will help your dentition function for longer.
  • Once you are clear what you want to do, we devise an itemised treatment plan which lets you decide how you want to budget. For larger treatment plans we write a report so that you are confident that everything has been considered.
  • Budgeting options are explored.
  • Treatment appointments are organised at the pace and length that you feel comfortable.

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What our clients say

Great dentist and great experience. Following my recent dental check I had to get some minor work done. Allan Matthews made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything fully and I felt at home and in safe hands.  It was clear that Allan truly cares about his patients. My treatment was carried out to a very high standard and I am delighted with the result. Always excellent service and friendly staff throughout the practice.

Neeraj and his team have been looking after the family and me for 24 years - and while the younger members of the family have now moved to another country they still come to the practice for their dental care. Very caring and careful and proactive in what they do. And they don't rush to an inappropriate conclusion but take time to assess difficult situations - "judicious inactivity". This is important when you only get one shot at something. We trust the practice.

I was visiting  from the US and broke a tooth.I was given Integrated Dentalcare as a referral from my travel insurance company. I saw Christine Morrell, the dentist,  and was very pleased with the service they provided. They saw me the same morning I called and were very professional and friendly. The receptionist was very cordial and welcoming. I would highly recommend this office for any dental needs you might have while in Edinburgh.

People at Integrated Dentalcare were extremely kind and professional. They solved a dental problem I carried on for several years and it was an (almost) painless process.They dealt with my "dentistphobia" and were very understanding.  It is unbelievable how much my quality of life has improved since my first visit a couple of months ago. Been picky, the only thing I don´t like is the warning in the receipts about charging you if you need to cancel at the last minute. Other than that, 10 points out of 10.

Delighted with the friendly and professional treatment I have received.  I can't thank my dentist  Christine enough for the time she has spent on my teeth.  Every stage of treatment explained fully with great understanding of what patient hopes end result will look like. You can tell Christine takes great pride in her work.  Well done!

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Your questions answered

After our discussions what if I want a second opinion?

We want to ensure that you are comfortable with our advice. For large treatments or if there is any doubt, we would encourage you to seek a further opinion. This may be someone you choose or we can recommend.

My dentist has recommended a course of treatment. Can I come for a second opinion?

We often have clients who just want a second opinion. We are very happy to validate a treatment plan or perhaps suggest some out of the box solutions. Please remember that your visit is confidential so we do not report back to your dentist unless you ask us to.

I have my own dentist can I still come?

We have many clients who visit for certain aspects of dentistry. They may then choose to either stay with the practice or return to their dentist for regular care. This is very acceptable.

I don’t live in Edinburgh can I still join your practice?

Patients choose to visit us from all over the UK. The train station links close to the practice make this very convenient.

Do I have an option to spread the cost of the recall examinations?

We have a fantastic no commitment maintenance plan which allows you to spread the fees for the regular health check and hygienist treatments over one year.

I am nervous and haven’t been to the dentist in ages, what if I don’t want an examination?

We see many clients who are anxious about dental care. We will work with you to ensure that we only go as far as you are comfortable. If you want to build on the experience over a few appointments, we can do that.

What if I don’t remember everything we discussed during my visit?

Please feel free to bring someone with you to take notes. Otherwise we are always happy to clarify anything that doesn’t make sense.

What further investigations may be offered to me to help me achieve a better understanding of what is happening in my mouth?

For more complex issues we may suggest further options such as stone models of your teeth to look at your bite; a digital T-scan to look at how your jaw behaves during movement; a 3D scan to look at your jaws or full mouth photographs to show other issues which may not be obvious.

Can I get a copy of my x-rays?

We believe in complete transparency. We can send you your x-rays by email at no extra cost.

Are x-rays included in the initial consultation fee?

No this is an extra service as not only do we take the x-rays we also create written reports for each x-ray. The fee would be discussed with you prior to taking x-rays.

I had recent x-rays taken by my dentist, can I use these for my consultation?

This is best practice as this eliminates any unnecessary x-rays as well as reduces any additional x-rays.

What if I don't want x-rays because of radiation?

We use phosphor plate x-ray technology. One digital x-ray generates radiation equivalent to eating two bananas. Very safe!

Do I have to come every 6 months for a dental health check?

Your examination interval is based on your risk profile. If you find that after a few years that you are managing well and receive low scores from the hygienist then this is an option open to you.

What’s the difference between the comprehensive dental health check and a regular health check?

The comprehensive health check is usually for the first meeting or for people we may not have seen for some time. Regular health checks are used to build a “picture” of your dental health over a few years.

How will I benefit from having a dental health check at Integrated Dentalcare?

Our experience in diagnosis, using high magnification to see minute detail together with the latest technology to show you what we see, will help you make better decisions about your dental care.

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