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By investing time highlighting and proactively discussing issues and solutions we ensure that you are an active participant in your agreed treatment and that we help you minimise potential long-term problems.

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We strive to provide an exceptional and personalised experience, delivering a superior level of dentistry in a caring manner that leaves you informed, confident and smiling with a healthier mouth.

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Using the latest technology and techniques together with a considered integrated approach to delivering high-quality dentistry, our compassionate and experienced team provide a five-star journey, tailored for you.

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Our collaborative approach provides proactive care using your choice of solution; delivered  to the best of our abilities using the finest materials, which will provide the most predictable outcomes.

This helps you to maintain your smile as well as minimising large, expensive dental issues in the future.

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People at Integrated Dentalcare were extremely kind and professional. They solved a dental problem I carried on for several years and it was an (almost) painless process.They dealt with my "dentistphobia" and were very understanding. It is unbelievable how much my quality of life has improved since my first visit a couple of months ago. Been picky, the only thing I don´t like is the warning in the receipts about charging you if you need to cancel at the last minute. Other than that, 10 points out of 10.

Jordi Juárez Jiménez

I needed a complete dental reconstruction for my ugly low grade teeth. Sinus lift, crowns bridges implants; I have had it all done. The brilliant Neeraj and his team have performed miracles. Every time I go there seems to be a wonderful new procedure or piece of equipment to make the process better and more relaxing.. Dentistry surely gets no better than this

Ashley Wilkes

The practice staff are very friendly and helpful and the dental hygienists are more thorough than any I've seen before. Neeraj makes us all feel relaxed about our dental visits and any treatments, including my 2 daughters who are 10 and 5. I recommend him to everyone.

Jenny Grant

My experience getting fixed teeth with the team at Integrated Dentalcare when I was told before that I would have to live with loose dentures.

Implants for when there isn't enough bone.

Fantastic dentist practice who can’t do enough to look after you. I went to see Neeraj and his team to have my amalgam fillings removed as I had read about how toxic they can be and how it could be contributing to my ME.My energy levels weren’t great when I went through the treatment, but Neeraj and his team were very attentive and constantly checked in with me to see how I was during and after the procedures. Neeraj even went out his way to phone me at home to see how I was after hearing I wasn’t great after one round of the procedure. My setback had nothing to do with procedure itself, it was merely adjustment period after having those toxic metals removed.The procedure itself felt very relaxed and was worlds apart from my previous experience with Dentists. Can’t recommend this dentist enough for all kinds of dental treatment that truly go above and beyond in terms of patient well being and excellence in customer service. Special mention must go to Lucy on reception and also the dental nurses who also carry on the theme of personable attention, just a wonderful place to go and experience.

Graeme Black

After a few bad experiences with other dentists in Edinburgh, over 10 years ago I was recommended Integrated Dentalcare for the exceptional quality of the services they provide. Since then, they have been my trusted dental carers. Extremely happy with them!


My last dentist traumatised me so I was super apprehensive about going to any dentist. These guys exceeded my expectations. I have been treated with value and respect and am an active participant in my treatment plans and care. cannot recommend enough - the care is exceptional!

Nicola Goodall

Being very badly dental phobic before I joined the practice, Neeraj and his team have turned around not just the appearance of my teeth but my anxiety. Neeraj and everyone at the practice are all very friendly and make you feel more relaxed and re-assured. I have gone from just getting the minimum done all my life to actually voluntarily getting cosmetic treatment. Following whitening treatment, I am so much more confident smiling now! I can't recommend the whole team enough for their dental expertise, great technology in the practice and helping their patients.

Kathy Hutton

They have been really good and amazing service and help my other half when really bad toothache I would recommend them 100%

Charlene Ward

My dental phobia story is one that I'm sure alot of you can probably relate too, frightening dental experiences coupled with childhood memories that have stuck with me for life!! After not seeing a dentist for 4/5 years and my husband nagging me to go I was told by a friend that there were dentists out their that can help with my phobia. After researching dentists in Edinburgh EXTENSIVELY I found great reviews for Integrated Dental and haven't looked back. From my very first visit Neeraj and his team have been amazing. They know my anxiety can get the better of me sometimes, but they are incredibly patient with me. I really couldn't recommend them highly enough. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to smile with confidence on my wedding day. Thank you x

Nicky Stott

Brilliant and welcoming practice, wonderful staff with excellent and well considered service. I highly recommend them.

Erin Maguire

"110% professional treatment and I raised my hand when I was struggling"
"Had a cracked tooth and after a gap of 5years I went "back" to Manor Place
John and Kat provided 110% professional treatment and I raised my hand when I was struggling. Money well spent on beautifully matching white crown

Kevin Turner

I chose Integrated Dentalcare because I wanted a dentist who specialised in mercury amalgam removal. After my initial x-ray and consultation it was diagnosed that my teeth required extensive work. This included some extractions and bridge work as well as the mercury amalgam removal. In total I had twelve appointments over the last year and the work is now completed. I am delighted with the results and my dentist Neeraj and his team did a great job . The practise is very relaxing and the staff are all very friendly. My teeth now feel great and I know I am in good hands going forward. I live in Dundee but am more than happy to make the extra effort travel wise to receive this level of dental care.

John Richardson

I've had some bad experiences in the past when visiting previous dentists, so I've not always been that keen on getting regular checkups let alone actually having any work done on my teeth. Neeraj and his team do an incredible job of making sure everything is painless and I can't recommend them enough.

Munir Caine

How happy I am that Integrated Dentalcare was recommended to me by a friend. I placed my unhappy gums, broken, cracked and dubious fillings & crowns in the hands of the amazing team at Manor Place. Half way through the course of treatment I realized I was even looking forward to the next visit – and my teeth and gums were smiling too. I could not recommend Integrated Dentalcare more highly – each person in the team is professional, charming, uplifting and healing in the differing aspects of their responsibilities. My heartfelt thanks to them all.

Cherry Cyster

A friend had recommended this practice when I cracked my tooth over a year ago.I didn’t live permanently in Edinburgh and was on my way back to the USA. My appointment was with Dentist, Christine Morrell. I immediately liked her she had a great disposition, and made me feel very relaxed. Unfortunately, nothing major could be done as I was leaving within a couple of days. After several months I was back in Edinburgh and returned to see Christine. We worked on a plan for preserving my teeth and she has done a wonderful job , she is professional and I believe a perfectionist too! I actually enjoy going to the practice, from being greeted by Lucy or Jean, to smiling Trish the dental nurse who assists Christine and Alisa the dental therapist, who I will be seeing again next month ,they are just a few of the staff that I have met and who have made me feel comfortable.Honestly, I never write reviews, but maybe this could help someone like me who has always had hard time choosing the right dental practice when moving to a new location. Integrated Dentalcare is easily one of best private dentist in Edinburgh.

Ann Lohr

I would really recommend Integrated Dentalcare as the place to go for an exceptional level of dental care.  Neeraj, Paulina and his team are very committed, friendly and caring with an attention for detail and approach that incorporates the health of the teeth as being connected to the whole body. 

I had my Silver /Mercury Amalgams removed at the practice in 2011 by Hugh, which led to a huge improvement in my overall health and energy levels.  I had one root-canalled tooth extracted this year in 2020;  something I had put off having done for over 20 years, having been phobic due to childhood dentistry experiences. 

I didn't feel a thing, the process was very relaxing which was due to the fact that all the staff there put me at ease in the run up to treatment and on the day itself.  I felt I was in very safe hands.  I only wished I had done it years earlier. 

Since then my health has just improved in leaps and bounds - my sugar intolerance that I had since becoming pregnant 8 years ago, disappeared within a few days of having the tooth removed.  The pain in my hip went, and the floaters in my eyes vanished.  Clearly the infected tooth had been causing low-level chronic inflammation all along.

I am looking forward to getting a new Zirconia implant in the New Year from the best dentist in Edinburgh..

Kathy Ingham

The days before my implant procedure were daunting, as it would mean a few months of treatment. However the professionalism of Neeraj and his team was second to none. This reassured me and kept me calm each stage of the way. Each procedure was carefully explained beforehand and three months after completion I can say I am a very happy lady, with a big smile to go with it!

Liz Parker

Delighted with the friendly and professional treatment I have received from Integrated dentists Edinburgh. I can't thank my dentist Christine enough for the time she has spent on my teeth. Every stage of treatment explained fully with great understanding of what patient hopes end result will look like. You can tell Christine takes great pride in her work. Well done!

June Forman

I underwent dental implant treatment at Integrated Dentalcare and found the treatment and care provided of an excellent standard. Everyone in the practice combines friendliness with professionalism, which helps put patients at ease. I had a complicated replacement of an original baby tooth which had finally "given up". It involved removal of the original tooth, treatment of any infection, rebuilding of the bone, to enable it to be able to take the implant post, insertion of post, and finally fitting the made to measure crown. It was a painstaking series of procedures which took place over a year to give time for new bone to form. Throughout I was treated respectfully, and given good explanations of the procedures planned. All procedures were carried out using state of the art equipment, which together with the skill of the dentist gave me great reassurance. I would not hesitate to recommend the best Edinburgh private dentists, Integrated Dentalcare.

Carolyn Bevan

I am very happy with my recent rebuilding of my broken down teeth with thin zirconia crowns; the teeth now look and feel good (and very strong) although the new geometry of my mouth means that I have developed the stupid habit of constantly tapping them together often in time to music I happen to be listening
to ( goes well with quite a bit of J. S. Bach's repertoire !! ) The process; appointments, surgery, pain control and lab work was handled with the consummate professionalism which I associate with your Practice.

Gordon Jefferson

This was my first experience of root canal treatment and so pleased I was in the competent care of Dr Adrian Stewart who immediately put me at ease with his expertise in root canal treatment as well as local anaesthesia. His attention to detail and skill was most impressive and I now have no problem with any root canal work required in the future. Also to all the Integrated Dentalcare team who are truly dedicated to delivering holistic dental care. Highly recommended!

Elaine Hamilton

I've been a patient here for around 18 months; the service is fantastic both for routine dental/hygienist visits and for treatment. Receiving a phone call to see how I was the day after having some treatment was a really nice touch. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Paul Milligan

Having had a fear of dentists all of my life, I can only say that Neeraj put me quite at ease with his quiet confident manner. I must say the process was somewhat difficult however I was assured every step of the journey that all would be well. Neeraj and staff were very comforting and overcame some tricky moments. I now have my implants and have not looked back. So thank you Neeraj and your colleagues for making Me so happy. Sincerely Margaret Heyd-Smith

Margaret Heyd-Smith

After my first checkup visit at Integrated Dentalcare (I did a few checkups with dentist around Edinburgh when choosing), it was immediately clear that the level of detail and professional attitude is just on another level. Being a PhD student, I had a list of probably 30+ questions from types of fillings, to types of foods and their effect on teeth, to laser vs drills when fixing cavity, etc.

I had a long conversation with Allan, followed by the most in-depth checkup I have ever had, and another chat with Neeraj regarding lasers.

Luckily so far, I have had only two fillings replaced. Again I was very impressed by the service. As probably most of the people, I have always been afraid and anxious going to a dentist. Allan started by explaining in details how the appointment is going to proceed and what he is going to do. He sedated the part of the mount he was working on, and used quite a few tools in order to make the area easy for him to work on. He kept guiding me throughout the process, explaining what he is doing. I think it was the first time when I was completely zoned out at some point, as the process was so painless and effortless! Allan was very careful in shaping the fillings so they are just the right height - and now they feel great!

Martin Asenov

I had a really positive experience here.The staff are very friendly and I deeply trust the expertise of the dentist who was gentle and kept me well informed throughout the whole consultation. This will be our new family dental practice.

Lena Johnson

I came across Dr Allan Matthews when searching online for an Edinburgh dentist who could deal with a difficult bite. I had a broken wisdom tooth, and a tooth with a missing filling that had fallen out twice in two weeks so I had decided to find a new dentist. Dr Matthews suggested a programme of treatment to repair the two teeth and to strengthen and protect several other cracked molars. After several visits, I am now the proud owner of several superb new onlays.

I cannot thank him enough for salvaging my broken wisdom tooth that he at first thought might have to be extracted. It now looks and feels just like a real tooth. The new onlays I got in Edinburgh look and feel amazing and were immediately comfortable. I can now eat things that I had been avoiding before as my teeth didn’t feel very strong.

Visiting the dentist is rarely something to look forward to, but Allan and his team look after you really well and work hard to make the experience as good as it possibly can be. They are kind, friendly and enthusiastic about their work and their commitment to give patients the best possible treatment is plain to see. I have no hesitation in recommending Allan and his team. Their veneers costs in Edinburgh are competitively priced, offering exceptional quality of treatment and care without being excessively expensive. All of the practice staff are warm, welcoming and professional. The treatment rooms are spotless and very well equipped. This is a lovely innovative practice that is a pleasure to attend.

Janice B

It was with trepidation that I approached my dental surgery with the usual internal dialog of pain versus gain, and how I should man up and get it done.  Neeraj was quick and responsive to my needs. To my surprise the laser surgery was both relatively painless, and did indeed prove to heal very, very quickly. Within a week I was almost unaware of the physical effects of the surgery and ready to face the next phase in my procedure.

Marshall F

During the last two years, I have undergone two separate rounds of treatment to have three new implants fitted. It has been clear to me throughout the process that Neeraj is a highly skilled and compassionate dentist. The treatment I have received from him and the team has been excellent. The nature of the work required means that it has been a bit of a long haul, but has it been worth it? Absolutely. I'm delighted with the results and no-one would be any the wiser that my new implants are not my original teeth.

Sue Hodges

Being a dentist its also difficult being a patient. I know exactly what is needed and what is going to happen. It takes a better standard of dentistry to treat other dental professionals and the team at this practice are such a team. High standards make me confident in being treated by Allan Peter Matthews and the rest of the wonderful clinicians and nurses at Integrated Dentalcare.

Pynadath George

I been seen by several dentists and hygienists over the many years I have been a client at this practice and I have never had a negative experience. The level of service and knowledge is outstanding. My current dentist here is Alan Matthews who, too, impresses with his attention to detail and his kind, thoughtful and knowledgable approach. The assistants are always on great form also! Thanks Team!


I was not nervous or uncomfortable at any time from the first appointment to the final result. I started procedure in January 2016 for a implant and am absolutely delighted with the result. But just as important was the care and assistance I received not only from Neeraj but from all the nursing staff and receptionists. I have told all my friends about the happy outcome and will continue to recommend Integrated Dental Care to anyone willing to listen! Thank you very much. June

June McCole

There isn't words to describe how happy I am with the quality of dental care I got. I have a huge phobia of needles and Neeraj was brilliant, and he helped me through every stage of the procedures. I would highly recommend Neeraj to anyone and everyone.


Today I had my final fit for a long awaited implant. It has been a fascinating adventure. Along the way I have been looked after by Neeraj Puri and his team - I had the good fortune of being treated by Mairi, Monika and Manuela - all very helpful, knowledgeable, confident of their materials and pleasant individuals. At first I was anxious and unsure of the reality of what was going to happen. I was given a brochure to read and every step of the way explained clearly and calmly and I didn’t feel that I couldn’t call at any time because when I did my call was always answered or returned quickly and my concerns dealt with so that by the time treatment commenced I felt very reassured and at ease. I am now the proud owner of an implant that looks and has the same colouring as my own teeth - very natural looking. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. A Big Thank You to all at Integrated Dentalcare and I have no hesitation in recommending Neeraj to anyone wishing to proceed with the investment of an implant. I feel very fortunate to have been to Integrated Dentalcare as they are true professionals of the highest calibre.

Ursula Mueller

We were on holiday from the US when a bad root canal created a need for me to have that tooth extracted on the 3rd day of a 14 day UK road trip. Dr. Stewart was able to see me that same day and was able to pull the tooth. He did a wonderful job. They are all about their patients not having ANY pain during a procedure. They were friendly and nice. It really were the best dental care I have EVER had at a wonderfully reasonable price. Thank you so much Adrian for a terrific job!

Lee Bolin

Neeraj and his team have been looking after the family and me for 24 years - and while the younger members of the family have now moved to another country they still come to the practice for their dental care. Very caring and careful and proactive in what they do. And they don't rush to an inappropriate conclusion but take time to assess difficult situations - "judicious inactivity". This is important when you only get one shot at something. We trust the practice.

Ian Rankin

Great dentist and great experience. Following my recent dental check I had to get some dental work done. Allan Matthews made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything fully and I felt at home and in safe hands. It was clear that Allan truly cares about his patients. My treatment was carried out to a very high standard and I am delighted with the result. Always excellent service and friendly staff throughout the practice.

Jean Inglis

The practice came highly recommended and has never failed to provide an excellent service. From the welcoming reception through a comfortable waiting room to a range of professional dental care where the highest standards are maintained. Each step of the treatment is explained thoroughly resulting in positive conclusions.

Susan Batty

Excellent, friendly service by professional staff! I have been coming here for years and had several works carried out without any problems whatsoever. Always a superb job, and I would highly recommend them.

Cameron Watson

I have been registered at the Integrated Dentalcare since December 2019. Dr Allan Matthews, Dr Neeraj Puri and entire practice are genuinely a team! I cannot thank Dr Allan enough. He is a real star! I was in acute pain (in tears actually!) during the lockdown, and my tooth had to be extracted. Since all the surgeries were closed, I could not be seen. However, I was able to contact the clinic on Facebook and received a super-fast response, numerous calls and genuine attention to my problem. During these challenging times, Dr Allan has not only carefully listened to me and reassured me but also prescribed the antibiotics and organised a pick up from the closed pharmacy. He followed up on my treatment, and at the end, it was he who organised my emergency tooth extraction in the dental hospital when I struggled. Throughout the entire process, the clinic kept in touch, and I felt looked after. This was the most caring and supportive approach I have ever experienced. Whether you are sitting in a dental chair at the clinic or need some help over the phone, the team is there for you.Integrated Dentalcare is a very best dental clinic in Edinburgh. I highly recommend this practice five stars! (I would give ten stars if I could!) Thank you millionsMila

Mila Stupakova

I and my family have been going to Integrated Dentalcare in Edinburgh for about 17 years. Over that time we as a family have always received top class dental service. When we have had emergencies like when my son fell and damaged his front teeth they dealt with him immediately or needing to re-aline my children's teeth, again the service and treatment we received was excellent. I cannot recommend them too highly. Everyone at the practice from the dentists to the dental nurses and reception staff are always professional and good at what they do but are always very pleasant and helpful. They care about looking after your teeth and have offered good advice over the years which is why we have continued going to them for as long as we have.

Patricia Currie

Integrated Dentalcare is an amazing dentist. A pleasure to do business with AND they really care about customer satisfaction. Working with Neeraj was a pleasure. Honest, caring and authentic. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to enhance their dental services. I wish they were located nearer to me. Integrated Dentalcare will be my first choice. The best emergency dentist Edinburgh has to offer.

Claudine Waskowycz

Integrated Dental Care is an excellent dental practice which looks after patients with outstanding care and dentistry of exceptional quality. It deserves the highest recommendation. All members of the team contribute to make the experience welcoming, friendly and extremely professional.

I’ve been seeing Dr Allan Matthews since he joined the practice. Allan clearly cares deeply about providing the very best dental treatment for you personally. He takes time to discuss your dental health in detail and find out what dental difficulties you have. He then puts great effort into considering how best to treat problems using tremendous skill and knowledge of dental techniques at the forefront of the profession. Allan explains treatment fully before beginning surgery which puts you at ease and instils confidence in knowing you are in excellent hands. I have also been impressed that he follows up on the telephone to check how you are doing after treatment, if he feels it’s necessary. This is tremendous service and a level of care which goes above and beyond what would normally be expected. On top of all this is the fact that the atmosphere in Allan’s surgery couldn’t be friendlier or more relaxed. You are always warmly welcomed.

In essence Neeraj and Allan are exceptional dentists backed by a wonderful team. I really can’t recommend this practice enough.

While I’m here I must also make special mention of Lucy in reception. Lucy is unfailingly helpful, courteous, friendly and kind both on the telephone and in the practice itself.

Alison Couser

Having suffered a bad experience with a local dentist in my early 20’s  I have always looked for a quality dental service and modern techniques/practices. I googled laser dentistry and found there was a state of the art practice in Edinburgh, intergrated dental care. Although some 170 miles from home and very nervous, I decided to travel for an initial consultation. I can honestly say following my visit, I was highly impressed with the service provided. Dr Puri and his team were fantastic. From the one to one chat with Dr Puri, where you are spoken to like a human and not just a number. All concerns are taken seriously, things explained and you are put at ease. There is no pressure. The friendly manner of the receptionist and the dental nurses were second to none.

If any one has a dental phobia, I would highly recommend Dr Puri and his team. My confidence in a dentist has returned. Thank you :)

Donald Stephenson

Professional, caring team who provide high quality work. Always made to feel welcome when I visit. Been a patient now for over 10 years & consistently recieved great service.

Hamish Dobbie

I was referred to Integrated Dentalcare by my regular dentist when a long standing bridge collapsed and it seemed that my only solution would be a plate. This was and is unthinkable to me as my voice and articulation are vital to my working life ... Not to mention the importance of a good smile and the joy of biting into a crisp, tangy apple! So after more x rays and a long chat with Neeraj - a great listener and holistic thinker - we embarked on a two year journey of tooth extraction, gum and bone grafting, bridging and implanting. Always revising the plan, open to a new approach, the whole team worked together seamlessly, calmly and painlessly. All with a lightness of touch, openness and quite a lot of laughs! So thank you all for a truly zen experience; for diction now fit for purpose; for a natural uninhibited smile and for a bite at the crunchiest of apples!

Vari Sylvester

I've been fortunate enough to have been treated by both dentists, Neeraj and Allan, as well as the hygienist. My experience is always a very positive one. And these three talented, knowledgeable and personable gentleman are ably assisted by a team of equally professional and friendly support staff. By far and away the best dental practice I have ever bared my teeth in.

David Bate

Very happy with the professional service I have received over the past few years from the hygienist service within the practice. Excellent advice on brushing and flossing has caused me to change my daily dental hygiene routines and, together with regular cleaning carried out by the hygienists, has meant no dental remedial work has been required for some time. Long may this continue! I would certainly recommend a visit to the hygienist in this practice. Easily the best dentist Edinburgh has.

John Hamilton

I have just had the best dental experience of my life. After 45 years of being told that I was wrong and suffering pain during treatment, I have had an epiphany. I have found a dentist who listens to me with sympathy and professionalism. You appear to have cured my phobia. I cannot thank you enough.

David Milne

In the past I have had some very difficult experiences with dentists, which has left me anxious about receiving any treatment. Neeraj and his crew are positively challenging my previous experiences with their care and consideration. I feel as if my input is listened to and validated. I can even say I look forward to my appointments with the dental hygienist! Thank you all at Integrated Dental Care. Together you make my experience an easier one.

Joolz Flynn

I was visiting from the US and broke a tooth.I was given Integrated Dentalcare as a referral from my travel insurance company. I saw Christine Morrell, the dentist, and was very pleased with the service they provided. They saw me the same morning I called and were very professional and friendly. The receptionist was very cordial and welcoming. I would highly recommend this office for any dental needs you might have while in Edinburgh.

Jerry Byrum

Going to the dentist is my least favourite aspect of resources which support my health and well being. It stems back to childhood and many unpleasant memories remain. A friend recommended Integrated Dental Care and Dr Neeraj Puri. I find Neeraj to be genuine and congruent in his approach to his work and whilst going to the dentist is still not a walk in the park, I am confident I am listened to and treated with care and consideration. Thank you Neeraj, I know I am in the hands of an excellent dentist.

Lesley Ann Manson

What a lovely dental practice! The hygienist was very gentle and did a great job and the dentist gave good advice and tips. There is a relaxing atmosphere and all the staff are friendly. I would definitely recommend

Viv Walkey

Many thanks to Dr Allan Matthews for a super job on a sticky out tooth that looked like I was missing a tooth when I smiled. I'm super pleased with my new smile. No gap and my tooth looks like it was always meant to be there

Peter Matthews

As Tina Turner would say 'simply the best, better than all the rest'. An amazing team, so proffesional, so friendly. I wouldn't go anywhere else, when you've got the best, you don't change it.

Tom M

I have been visiting the practice for the last 5 years and always receive a consistent and professional service. The hygniests provide great results and Christine, the dentist is easily the reason I return from Dubai rather than using a local practice. Highly recommend for all treatments and definitely the best Dentist Edinburgh has to offer.

Sarah Tait

First with Adrian and Patricia and now with Christine and Patricia my experience has been most positive. After several years. I would not consider another practice. The cheerful staff function well together, are amiable, highly professional and no-nonsense.Their equipment is modern, their work top-rate and very patient-orientated. Their services are excellent value. I have no doubt in recommending them.

Niall Duthie

I can't praise Neeraj highly enough. I had built up a huge dental phobia and was a nervous wreck before my first appointment but I have to say that Neeraj put me at ease immediately. I couldn't be happier with my new smile. It has genuinely made me more confident and friends say I smile a lot more so a fantastic result!

Julia Laverty

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