Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is exposed to decay, infection or dental trauma the living tissue inside it is no longer able to regulate naturally occurring bacteria. This bacteria grows and causes inflammation and infection. During the phase that the living tissue dies this can often be very painful.

Is this the right treatment for you?

If the tissue inside a tooth has died there are only two ways to manage the problem and each involve removing the dead tissue inside.

If the tooth is reparable then it would be best to restore it - and this means removing only the dead tissue.

If the tooth is not fixable then removing the tooth and investigating appropriate tooth replacement is appropriate.

Good to know

Keeping in mind a replacement is unlikely to last as long as a well managed and restored tooth, it is often better to try to maintain the natural tooth as long as possible. Extracting a tooth which may be reparable is solving one problem by creating another.

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You're in good hands

At Integrated Dentalcare we have invested heavily in technology and skills to ensure we are providing this treatment to the highest standard we possibly can. Appropriate pre-assessment allows us to plan whether the tooth can be treated by one of our general dentists or whether specialist management is more appropriate. We are fortunate to have a specialist at the practice who we can refer to for more complex cases or retreatment cases. It is possible to manage the pain before completing the treatment and there is no need to suffer in pain.

Sara Orlova

Dental Nurse

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Lawrence Sharkey

General Dentist with Special Interest in Sedation

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Allan Matthews

General Dentist with Special Interest in Teeth Straightening

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The procedure
  1. A planned Root Canal therapy can often be completed in a single visit or it may be that an unplanned management (should an emergency stage be needed to manage pain) or a more complex case needs more than one visit.
  2. Each visit is carried out by numbing the area thoroughly, placing a protective rubber shield around the relevant teeth and progressing gently - this makes it easier to breathe. We regularly receive feedback that this is pain free and it is not unusual for a client to be so comfortable that they fall asleep during this.
  3. Once the dead tissue is removed the space left behind can be sealed and a filling material is often placed as a core structure. Further appointments are then generally made for a definitive restoration (for example a crown or an overlay) to be designed and fitted.

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What our clients say

I have been registered at the Integrated Dentalcare since December 2019. Dr Allan Matthews, Dr Neeraj Puri and entire practice are genuinely a team! I cannot thank Dr Allan enough. He is a real star! I was in acute pain (in tears actually!) during the lockdown, and my tooth had to be extracted. Since all the surgeries were closed, I could not be seen. However, I was able to contact the clinic on Facebook and received a super-fast response, numerous calls and genuine attention to my problem. During these challenging times, Dr Allan has not only carefully listened to me and reassured me but also prescribed the antibiotics and organised a pick up from the closed pharmacy. He followed up on my treatment, and at the end, it was he who organised my emergency tooth extraction in the dental hospital when I struggled. Throughout the entire process, the clinic kept in touch, and I felt looked after. This was the most caring and supportive approach I have ever experienced. Whether you are sitting in a dental chair at the clinic or need some help over the phone, the team is there for you.Integrated Dentalcare is a very best dental clinic in Edinburgh. I highly recommend this practice five stars! (I would give ten stars if I could!) Thank you millionsMila

Mila Stupakova

I been seen by several dentists and hygienists over the many years I have been a client at this practice and I have never had a negative experience. The level of service and knowledge is outstanding. My current dentist here is Alan Matthews who, too, impresses with his attention to detail and his kind, thoughtful and knowledgable approach. The assistants are always on great form also! Thanks Team!


This was my first experience of root canal treatment and so pleased I was in the competent care of Dr Adrian Stewart who immediately put me at ease with his expertise in root canal treatment as well as local anaesthesia. His attention to detail and skill was most impressive and I now have no problem with any root canal work required in the future. Also to all the Integrated Dentalcare team who are truly dedicated to delivering holistic dental care. Highly recommended!

Elaine Hamilton

I have just had the best dental experience of my life. After 45 years of being told that I was wrong and suffering pain during treatment, I have had an epiphany. I have found a dentist who listens to me with sympathy and professionalism. You appear to have cured my phobia. I cannot thank you enough.

David Milne

They have been really good and amazing service and help my other half when really bad toothache I would recommend them 100%

Charlene Ward

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Your questions answered

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Can all teeth be root treated successfully?

Root can present at different levels of complexities dependent on the shapes of the root canals. Whilst most treatments can be successfully completed by our dentist the more complex treatments can be referred to a specialist colleague who shares our premises. Between us we have most bases covered for you.

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Why can’t root canal problems be treated with antibiotics?

Antibiotics need a blood supply to transport them to affected area. In a root canal problem, the blood supply for the tooth has been destroyed by the infection. Whilst antibiotics may reduce full-body symptoms of fever or fatigue and temporarily reduce the number of bacteria in the surrounding bone, they are unable to remove the reservoir of bacteria within the tooth itself. This is because the antibiotic can't be transported to inside the tooth to eliminate the bacteria. The bacteria and it's toxins will continue to leak into the health jaw bone and blood supply and this why it is important to seal the reservoir off.

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Is it better to have the tooth taken out?

This solves one problem by creating another. It would indeed remove the infective tissue but also all of the healthy tooth structure which was supporting your bite. Losing this may result in a heavier load being applied to your remaining teeth and the chances of damage to those teeth increases. Remember, nothing we do lasts forever and the longer we can maintain the tooth itself before having to replace it the longer the space will be filled long term. For further information please watch

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Is it painful?

We use local anaesthetic to fully numb the area before starting and take our time to gently treat the tooth. We regularly receive feedback that nothing was felt during the procedure.

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I am worried root canals are harmful, is this the case?

Some people will chose not to have root canal treatment carried out to help maintain a dead tooth in their mouth. There may be a worry of leaving a dead tooth in the mouth. For others it may be a concern that teeth are linked via meridian points to other parts of the body and this may have a detrimental effect to their general health. As such removal of the tooth and alternative options for the space can be explored however we would reinforce that we would not carry out any treatment that we believed was harmful to you. Like any treatment, if sufficient care and time is devoted and in the hands of a dentist skilled at undertaking these procedures success rates are very high. However, as with any treatment, complications are possible. It is therefore important to discuss any concerns you may have and we encourage you to ask questions. For more information please watch

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Does this process leave a dead tooth behind?

The “dead” part of the tooth in this process is the nerve and blood vessels which were inside the tooth. The structure that remains is no different from before by removing this tissue and we only leave healthy structure behind. For further information please watch

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Root Canal Therapy in Edinburgh

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