Measures for Anxious Patients

The Consultation Journey

Your journey begins with a video consultation with our dentist to discuss your concerns and requirements from the comfort of your personal space.

Once you are ready we organise an appointment for you to visit the practice which may be to either to explore the facility or a face to face consultation with the dentist in a non-clinical homely environment.

The next step (which can happen at the same time as your consultation if you are ready is for the dentist to examine your mouth. Each of these steps are determined by your comfort level. In some cases oral sedatives such as Diazepam may be prescribed for your visit if this will help your anxiety.

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The Treatment Journey

Once you are happy with the information side and have had ample opportunity to decide how you would like to proceed with your dentistry we consider options on how we can achieve this for you.

You may choose to start with simple treatments first to help you acclimistase with the environment and so that we can help build trust. When you are ready we can move on to the other treatments. If you find it easier you may want to have oral sedatives such as Diazepam to allow you to feel more relaxed.

For people who have explored these options or are very certain that they cannot undertake the dentistry without further help, we organise full sedation.


Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered by a dentist skilled in this treatment giving you the added peace of mind of having one surgeon monitoring and maintaining your relaxed, dream-like state whilst the other one transforms your mouth into a more beautiful and healthy environment.

What are the benefits of IV sedation?

  • A procedure lasting hours may feel like it lasted minutes.
  • Can be used for a variety of treatments.
  • Produces a dream-like state where the patient is aware but is too relaxed to care.
  • Encourages people to visit regularly and address their dental problems rather than wait till problems become larger and more expensive to resolve.
  • Helps us to create a trusting relationship with our patients
  • An amnesic effect is achieved which affects only the memory of that procedure and for a short time afterwards.

According to our sedation dentist, “it is similar to being drunk after a bottle of whiskey or gin, but without the hangover the next day”.

Sedation guidance

On the day of your appointment

DO bring a responsible adult
DO continue to take any prescribed medicines
DO give the staff details of any changes to your medical history
DO wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable flat shoesAVOID bringing children with you
AVOID wearing nail varnish
AVOID drinking any alcohol
AVOID having a heavy meal before your appointment - it is important, however, that you do have something light and sugary about an hour or so before your appointment.

After your appointment

DO rest - put your feet up, perhaps even have a nap
DO have a responsible adult to look after you for 12 hours
DO take any medicines you have been given
AVOID driving any vehicle
AVOID using any domestic appliances
AVOID signing any important documents
AVOID drinking any alcohol

Ready for a new type of dental care?

Ready for a new type of dental care?

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