Mercury-free Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings which emulate nature. Placed safely using stringent protocols, the finest materials and finished meticulously under magnification.

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Fillings that look like teeth.

Historically mercury/silver amalgam filling materials have been used to restore decayed (infected) teeth. Not only do these look unsightly but they need to be wedged into healthy tooth structure, which may result in the creation of stress cracks in these teeth.

Good to know

The cracks may later cause tooth fractures. High grade composites are kinder to the tooth as they fuse to the remaining tooth reducing the risk of cracks. They are also long lasting.

You're in good hands

With over 20 years experience and feedback from looking after clients for safe mercury replacement UK wide, we know what is important to you. Amalgam removed safely and well researched materials used to meticulously replace the tooth structure. With access to advisors for chelation and nutritional therapies, you are in safe hands.

Neeraj Puri

General Dentist with Special interest in Implant Dentistry

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Lucy Tait

Assistant Manager

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Monika Krzyzanowska

Lead Nurse

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The procedure
  • Skin numbing gel followed by local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Rubberdam to seal the area which we are treating  so you don’t swallow any debris. This also ensures that we can work to a higher standard.
  • Clients attending for mercury removal will benefit from  the mercurysafe protocol.
  • Removal of amalgam fillings using single use tungsten burs (the same material that professional chef knives are made of) with hospital grade suction to minimise aerosols under high magnification to ensure the best dentistry.
  • Photographs taken for you to be confident that all the filling has been removed.
  • Rebuilding of your tooth layer by layer to mimic the natural colours of your tooth.
  • Tints to create a 3D appearance of the tooth.
  • Polished to a similar finish to the adjacent teeth.
  • Calibration into the bite to ensure that it functions with the rest of your teeth.

Before and after

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What our clients say

Great dentist and great experience. Following my recent dental check I had to get some minor work done. Allan Matthews made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything fully and I felt at home and in safe hands.  It was clear that Allan truly cares about his patients. My treatment was carried out to a very high standard and I am delighted with the result. Always excellent service and friendly staff throughout the practice.

Neeraj and his team have been looking after the family and me for 24 years - and while the younger members of the family have now moved to another country they still come to the practice for their dental care. Very caring and careful and proactive in what they do. And they don't rush to an inappropriate conclusion but take time to assess difficult situations - "judicious inactivity". This is important when you only get one shot at something. We trust the practice.

I was visiting  from the US and broke a tooth.I was given Integrated Dentalcare as a referral from my travel insurance company. I saw Christine Morrell, the dentist,  and was very pleased with the service they provided. They saw me the same morning I called and were very professional and friendly. The receptionist was very cordial and welcoming. I would highly recommend this office for any dental needs you might have while in Edinburgh.

People at Integrated Dentalcare were extremely kind and professional. They solved a dental problem I carried on for several years and it was an (almost) painless process.They dealt with my "dentistphobia" and were very understanding.  It is unbelievable how much my quality of life has improved since my first visit a couple of months ago. Been picky, the only thing I don´t like is the warning in the receipts about charging you if you need to cancel at the last minute. Other than that, 10 points out of 10.

Delighted with the friendly and professional treatment I have received.  I can't thank my dentist  Christine enough for the time she has spent on my teeth.  Every stage of treatment explained fully with great understanding of what patient hopes end result will look like. You can tell Christine takes great pride in her work.  Well done!

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Your questions answered

I have heard that composite contains BPA - what are my alternatives?

We only use the finest Swiss made high density BPA-free composites.

Do composite fillings need to be wedged in like amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are wedged into the tooth, often requiring removal of healthy tooth structure to achieve this. Composite fillings bond directly to tooth, not only supporting it but also being more conservative to the long term tooth health.

What are the benefits of composite fillings?

When you smile, your mouth will look natural as you won’t be able to see the fillings.We use premium composite materials which are mercury free. They are a perfect alternative for those suffering from mercury sensitivity.

Are composite materials inert?

Composite materials have been found to have oestrogen-mimicking properties, but unfortunately nothing in dentistry or medicine is 100% bio-inert. Recently, however, with the advent of CAD CAM milling technology and pressed ceramic, we have found a truly biocompatible material. However, unlike composite which can be very conservatively used to repair the damage caused by infection - a process enhanced manyfold by the use of the waterlase - ceramic fillings do require some modification of the healthy tooth structure to be used (much like amalgam). Nevertheless, they are a robust solution to composite fillings, and are typically used to restore large defects. We follow a strict protocol when replacing your amalgam fillings.

What can be used as an alternative to mercury fillings?

he alternative materials available on the market today are referred to as bonded resin, composite resins or just composites. These materials have been subjected to numerous clinical trials all over the world to determine whether they are biocompatible and safe to use in the human body. Our dentists have a combined experience of three decades with this material. As such, we have a very strict protocol on placement of material resulting with a very high success rate. Occasionally there are anecdotes of people suffering from sensitivity or pain after having composite fillings, or the fillings not lasting very long. Of course, there is a difference in the qualities of different composite materials. This can lead to some products not lasting as long or appearing to discolour very quickly. As with everything else, the composite materials used at Integrated Dentalcare are of a premium quality. To increase their life expectancy the latest generation of composites contain ceramic nano-particles, resulting in exhibited wear resistance similar to your natural teeth.

What is the MercurySafe Protocol?

Briefly, this protocol involves the following precautions: - Isolation of the treatment area, usually by a technique known as ‘rubber dam’, to minimise exposure to debris in the mouth. - Use of high speed, distilled water-cooled instruments - Use of high speed, powerful suction system - The option to use a nose-piece, to provide an alternative air source out of the immediate area to protect against hose inhalation of mercury vapour - The option to use dampened gauze eye patches to keep flying particles or vapour out of the eyes - Use of general protective coverings - When drilling, the filling is sectioned into chunks and elevated where possible - Nutritional support considerations, to support the immune system - Restoration of remaining tooth structure with a premium quality resin material - Patients may wish to consider wearing clothes covering as much skin as possible

Should I proactively have my amalgam fillings replaced?

Many people have metal fillings in their mouth - called dental amalgam fillings - which contain 50% mercury, combined with an alloy of other metals. It is still a matter of debate within certain groups of the dental community whether one should have amalgam fillings removed if there is no dental problem.

Are silver fillings and mercury fillings different?

Whilst they are commonly known as silver fillings the major constituent is actually mercury.

Why not use mercury fillings?

We as dentists have a duty of care to our patients to present all the arguments for and against mercury fillings, and we are concerned that patients anticipating resolution from specific conditions and symptoms are not misled or their hopes allowed to be raised to unrealistic levels. Whilst dental amalgam has been used for over 150 years and is regarded as a robust and cheap material, our personal belief is that there are many suitable alternatives to dental amalgam, which also appear more natural. As 3% of the population suffer from mercury sensitivity, but may not show symptoms until years later, it is important to consider other options. And for this, there are many suitable alternatives.

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