Safety First!

August 19, 2020

Extra-oral suction

Imagine visiting the dentist where an aerosol has been generated whilst treating the last patient. This aerosol is still in the air coming down when you open your mouth. Extra-oral suction eliminates this aerosol.
With 12 times more power than normal suction combined with HEPA and UVC devices, this technology produces a safe environment for you and our team.

aerosol removal by extra oral suction

Air Purifiers

Medical grade air filtration systems, which remove, pollutants, bacteria and viruses to leave a safe, clean air environment.
Medical grade air purifier with UVc filter to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi; HEPA filters to attach to contaminants; carbon filter to remove smells; mercury filter to remove mercury toxins.


90 times more powerful than bleach. Our practice uses this wonder disinfecting agent made from water and salt to ensure that all the surfaces are completely and safely cleaned.


RO water

This device removes all contaminants from tap water. It then passes the water through a UVc chamber to destroy all bacteria and viruses. This purified water is used in all our equipment and ensures complete safety for you from all potential contaminants.
RO generator with UVc filter to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi

Private Practice

Less patients per day allows for more care to keep each individual person safe.
Spacious dental lounge


Ready for a new type of dental care?

Ready for a new type of dental care?

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