Tips for Getting Cosmetic Dentistry

July 7, 2020

Cosmetic dentistry is something that can help boost people’s self confidence. However as with any service there are people who can offer excellent service and those that don’t. With these tips for getting cosmetic dentistry you can be sure of getting the best service by experienced professionals.

The Process

The first thing to do is to ask for an initial consultation. This ought to let you know about their professional background and examples of their work. It is very important to ensure that the pictures you are looking at are actual examples of their dentistry and not case studies showing examples of the kind of work you could get.

Another thing to consider is that a dentist may not be someone who physically does the work. Usually a dentist will look over your teeth and come up with the idea of how to create the new look. The person who does the physical work is usually the ceramicist. Therefore you need to make sure that the ceramicist is experienced and discuss the work you want done with them as well. Often this is compared to architecture, with the dentist as the architect doing the designing and the ceramicist doing the construction.

Education Education Education

It is also recommended that you look at the amount of training that the dentist has done. The best cosmetic dentists will go on advanced courses annually in order to continue their education and ensure the best possible quality of service. Ideally you want people with the most recent cosmetic dentistry credentials possible based on formal training. While there is no official title that clearly indicate someone as a professional cosmetic practitioner so you do need to be wary and do your research about where they trained and how it is perceived.

Bizarrely it is also worth asking if the cosmetic dentist or ceramicist has an interest in art. This may sound odd but a lot of cosmetic dental practitioners have this creative side. As the name suggests this practise is about people looking better so it helps to have someone who has a visual aesthetic. While technical prowess is important cosmetic dentistry is also about creating a great image too.

Experience is also a vital consideration. It is generally felt that five to ten years of practise is a good amount in terms of reconstructive dentistry. Some practitioners are also willing to provide testimonials from satisfied clients and in some cases may even be willing to let you contact them independently. This is ideal as you can ask them questions and get their views on the quality of their work as well as being able to inspect it in person!


As a broad overview in order to get the best dentistry consider these factors-

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Artistry
  • Feedback (reviews and testimonials)

Finally a good way to compare what is available in your local area is to look for online reviews. There are numerous sites where you can read what is available and the quality. It is worth considering the source of the review and reading as broad a range as possible. Look for specific details such as the quality of the veneer. With these tips for getting cosmetic dentistry you can find the ideal service to suit your needs.

Ready for a new type of dental care?

Ready for a new type of dental care?

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