Things to Consider When Getting Dental Implants

July 7, 2020

A number of people need to wear dentures and they are not always comfortable. A common complaint is that dentures can come loose, making it harder to chew or in some cases even smile or speak! One way of correcting this is with dental implants and it is worth knowing what to consider when getting dental implants.

Adhesives versus implants

It can be tempting to counter this by saying there are numerous adhesives on the market that can hold dentures in place without the need for implants. There are several responses to this. One is that adhesives vary in effectiveness and some will be stronger than others. Another reason is that people often find it a nuisance to continually apply adhesives every day.

Another thing that puts people off is the cost of implant treatment. However as with any kind of treatment the cost can vary. One more affordable form of treatment is denture stabilisation. This uses fewer implants and this helps to reduce the costs involved. Generally two implants are recommended on the lower jaw and four implants on the upper jaw. The procedure rarely takes longer than an hour and so should not take too much time out of your busy schedule!

Things to consider

It is always good to have a checklist of things to think about when comparing dental services.

  • Initial consultation
  • Clear quote
  • Ask any relevant questions
  • Certification and experience
  • Feedback

Most dentists offering this treatment also ought to offer a consultation beforehand. This will allow you to discuss what requirements you have and what implants are most appropriate for your needs and personal circumstances.

You also need to consider how long the dental practise has been established and the experience of the practitioners. They should be able to provide certification showing that they have the experience necessary in order to fit the implants as required. If they are members of a professional association this is often a good indication of quality service as well.

A common concern for people is whether or not the implant procedure will hurt. It is often compared to a filling with the numbness being relatively pain free. There may be some soreness and swelling but it will often go down after about a day. If the soreness or swelling continues after that you ought to talk with your dentist to see if you need any additional treatment.

Insurance is also something people worry about and how long the implants are guaranteed for. A dentist should specify the period of time they are covered for although a number of implants should last a lifetime they are looked after correctly. While a number may provide free fittings for the first twelve months this does depend on a number of conditions. For example if you smoke you will be expected to stop as this can cause damage.

Finding the best

In short what to consider when getting dental implants is the quality of the dentist, their level of experience and the guarantees and insurance that come with the service. Careful consideration and asking the right questions will allow you to get the best quality implants to give you freedom to eat, speak and smile without the fear of something coming loose!

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