August 20, 2020

Magnification Scopes

High magnification vision allows delivery of precision dentistry with utmost care. The result: dental work which lasts for longer and blends into the surroundings.
High magnification scopes for precise dentistry



Laser technology which uses laser activated water to sculpt bone or skin for smile enhancement; precise destruction of bacteria which cause gum disease in gum pockets which don’t respond to other methods of treatment; uncovering of implants which are buried under the skin without the need for conventional surgery and stitches; treatment of cold sores.


Waterlase using laser activated water for fine, gentle treatments

Soft tissue laser

Pain management after a surgical procedure with no side effects; removal of growths in the mouth; disinfection of gum disease pockets.


CBCT machine

A 3D x-ray scanner, which allows detailed images of the jaw for implant planning and to visualise any bony issues using less radiation than an aeroplane flight.
Together with the 3D tooth scanner it allows precision planning and placement of implants.


3D x-ray scan


3D tooth scanner

3D camera generates detailed coloured virtual models of your teeth eliminating the need for messy moulds of your mouth.
Planning software allows smile design simulations to allow you to see the potential end result before committing to any alterations.
Teeth straightening design software to allow manufacturer of clear appliances.

3D  digital colour impression of the teeth.


T -scan

Digital bite scanner which shows how your bite movement functions to identify damaging contacts between teeth that may result in the teeth cracking or cause jaw pain.
Real time measurements showing the magnitude of stress on each tooth rather than using bite paper.

Ready for a new type of dental care?

Ready for a new type of dental care?

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