Autumn 2020 Newsletter

October 13, 2020


b y  I n t e g r a t e d  D e n t a l c a r e


The team wants to ensure that everyone continues to receive a high standard of care at the practice during the pandemic.

It is especially imperative that, as the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise, we follow the guidelines set to ensure that everyone visiting the practice feels safe. This is especially important for our immuno-compromised and elderly patients.


Please note the following guidelines that we will continue to follow. It is crucial that we follow these guidelines to continue to allow us to deliver the best level of care possible.


1. Filling in the Patient Portal forms prior to each visit. Without completing this paperwork your appointment cannot go ahead.

2. Wearing a mask during your visit in all of the common areas.

3. Washing hands or using the alcohol gels provided.

4. Prepayment to cut down administrative work to ensure that the team can concentrate on your care during your visit. Please avoid cash as this increases the risk of virus spread.

5. Currently it may take up-to 48 hours for the team to respond to emails due to the increased administrative burden. We aim to make this more efficient with your help by automating the paperwork and embracing prepayment.


As there is an uncertainty over how the authorities will continue to manage the virus spread and it is especially important that you attend for your regular hygiene/dental health checks.

If you are aware of any dental issues please do not ignore these. It is important that issues are addressed sooner to minimise the need for more extensive and more expensive solutions later on.



We are happy to announce that we are finalists for Best Patient Care in the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2020. We demonstrate daily how our practice stands out in caring for you which makes us different from any other practice.

We’re also finalists for best team in the Dentistry Scotland Awards2020.

We would like to thank all of our lovely clients who have written testimonials and google reviews to support us. We couldn't have done it without you!

Dr Allan Matthews has been nominated for Best Young Dentist of the year. A special thank you to Allan who has gone above and beyond this year to showcase his passion for dentistry.



At the beginning of the New Year, you will have the option to avail the latest Swiss technology to provide the ultimate hygiene experience.

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a state-of-the-art approach to dental hygiene and the prevention of disease. It is the least invasive, most efficient and most comfortable hygiene treatment available.

Sensitivity is virtually eliminated as this technology delivers warm air and water with a soluble powder, enabling us to deliver the highest standard of hygiene treatment in the most minimally invasive way, leaving your teeth feeling cleaner and your mouth feeling healthier than ever before.




Dr Allan Matthews


In dentistry, like medicine, there are a number of different "fields" of study. Some dentists may study to be root canal specialist, or to perform implants only, or to primarily perform surgical work.

In order to co-ordinate comprehensive care, it is highly important that the general dentist is well versed in multiple disciplines. One such example is when managing worn teeth.

The wear pattern on teeth can commonly be related to the way the top teeth and the bottom teeth interact. So if you simply restore the teeth without addressing an unfavourable interaction, it stands to reason we are simply inviting the same problem to return - possibly faster, depending on materials used.

For this reason, a comprehensive restorative plan should include an assessment on tooth position and whether this could or should be influenced to mitigate risk and manage forces related to tooth interaction. Orthodontically moving teeth is often therefore beneficial to function and health, rather than simply being of cosmetic benefit.

Thankfully, moving teeth has never been so discreet - and we have within out toolkit various ways to move teeth which are not visible to normal social interactions. These range from a series of clear aligners through clear removable appliances to ceramic fixed appliances with coated wire. It is usually the case of finding out what movements are needed and using the desired system based on this.

Not only this, but many simple plans may be in the region of 3-9months. We are not tied to this timeline, it is more about doing what is necessary to achieve the desired result, however it may not be as long or as obvious as many may think.


In brief, orthodontics can be:

- 3-9 months of movements

- Discreet, being near invisible in social interactions.

- Beneficial to cleaning, function and health of improving long term outcomes.

- Pain free


At Integrated Dentalcare, we can carry out a thorough orthodontic assessment and investigate whether alignment is right for you.


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